Calvin Women's Basketball Falls to Hope in Rivalry Showdown

Calvin Women's Basketball Falls to Hope in Rivalry Showdown

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Calvin women's basketball team fell 50-38 to Hope College in a rivalry showdown on Saturday afternoon at Van Noord Arena. 

Both teams came out battling as the score remained tight. Hope leading by one, freshman Stephanie Coors (Evergreen, Co. / Valor Christian)knocked down a three-pointer as the Knights took the 8-6 lead. Hope quickly responded with a jump shot to tie it back up. The two teams knocked down a few more points as the quarter closed out with the Flying Dutch leading 13-10. 

With the second quarter underway, Hope went on a run of six points to take the 21-12 lead. Senior Baylee Galanbrowne (Evergren, Co. / Evergreen)put up a three-pointer followed by a lay-up to tighten the score to within four. With just over two minutes left in the half, a jump shot by Coors, tied things back up 21-21. Hope knocked down a three-pointer as the half concluded with Calvin trailing Hope 25-21. 

Hope came out strong the second half going on a run of seven to pulled ahead 32-21. Freshman Gabby Timmer put up a layup drawing a foul to give Calvin a much needed three points to tighten the score to within six. Hope pulled ahead by 11, but not for long as the Knights fought back and a three-pointer from senior Rachel Warners (Grand Rapids, Mich. / Grand Rapids Christian) tightened Hopes lead to within five. Hope put up a few more points to finish the quarter with the 39-31 lead.  

The Knights looking to take the lead, came out strong as Warners knocked down another three-pointer followed by Timmer with a layup to trail by five. Hope not giving in, continued to pull ahead and walk away with the 

Leading the Knights was Timmer with 16 points, 13 rebounds and eight blocks. 

Head Coach Chuck Winkelman stated, "We've got to process this, learn and grow from it because next week is huge. We have to stay in the moment, this is not about the future it is about the moment, we honor our seniors and we have two huge conference games coming up."  

The Knights return to action on Wednesday as they travel to Kalamazoo College to take on the Hornets at 7:30 p.m.