Spring Senior Salute - Kayla Groen of Softball

Spring Senior Salute - Kayla Groen of Softball

Throughout the coming months, the Calvin University athletics department will be highlighting senior student-athletes who had their senior seasons cut short due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Today's senior salute is Kayla Groen.

What Is Your Major? - Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy)

What is Your Favorite Class at Calvin? - Archery with Coach Otte

What is Your Favorite Memory With Your Sports Team? - Last year when Hannah was teaching us to line dance in the dugout during a delay to fix Trine's field.

What Are Your Plans After Graduation? - I will be going to pharmacy school and graduate with a PharmD.

Do You See Yourself Returning to Calvin to Compete in 2021? - Yes, I will be returning to Calvin next year.

What is Your Message to Underclassmen on the impact of Covid-19? - It's so easy to get caught up in "after practice," or "when games start," or "when we make it to playoffs." Every opportunity to throw a softball, run the bases, and swing the bat is truly a gift. I didn't realize how special this sport was to me until it was taken away. Every chance to play softball should be spent focused on making yourself better. We only get 4 years (well sometimes 5) to be as great as we can. I challenge the underclassmen to not think about the future so much because it so uncertain. When we're at practice or a game, that's where our minds should be. Even in life, plans change. God is in control and we just have to trust Him.