Jacob Lopez - A D3 Week Feature

Jacob Lopez - A D3 Week Feature

As part of Division III Week, the Calvin Sports Information Office recently met up with senior Jacob Lopez of the Calvin men's lacrosse team for a question and answer session.

A defensiveman on the field, Lopez hails from Mentor, Ohio. He attended and graduated from Mentor High School. 

Question 1:  How did you discover Calvin and what ultimately led you to choosing Calvin as your college choice? 

Answer: I discovered Calvin through Coach Hoger. I am from Ohio, so I had never heard about this smaller D3 school in West Michigan, but I decided to take a visit and see what it was like. When I took my first visit to campus, I instantly fell in love with Calvin and I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I loved the welcoming, community-atmosphere created by the students and faculty I met. I also connected well with the guys on the lacrosse team while watching their practice and over dinner after practice. On top of all of this, I found out Calvin had an excellent four-year chemical engineering program, a great lacrosse team, and a Christian-based education: 3 fundamental qualities I was looking for in my future education.  

Question 2: How did you get interested in playing lacrosse? Did you play any other sports growing up or in high school? 

Answer:  I started playing lacrosse in fifth grade because a few of my really good friends played and I wanted to play with them. I also played football and basketball all throughout elementary and middle school.  

Question 3: As a senior on defense, how would you describe your role on the field? For the average fan – tell us what it's like from your vantage point to try to prevent the opposition from attacking and scoring. 

Answer: My main role for the defense specifically is to be a communicator. I need to communicate and get the other six guys on the defense on the same page. We need to be on the same page to be ready to send someone else to the ball if the man on the ball gets beat. Then we need to recover and rematch up to keep playing defense and do it again. If that breaks down, the goalie is our last line of defense and often our savior. 

Question 4: Who is your favorite athlete to follow as a fan? 

Answer: (Calvin junior goalie) Evan Griffin  

Question 5: What is your academic major(s) and minor(s) at Calvin? What would you like to do after graduation? 

 Answer: I am a Chemical Engineering Major. Upon graduation, I hope to find a job in Chemical Process Engineering.  

Question 6: Do you have a favorite professor or class you have had as a Calvin student? 

Answer: Favorite professor, while there are a lot of great options, it would be Professor Tatko. He was my professor for Organic Chemistry. He made this very difficult class fun and approachable.  

Question 7  – Why has Division III been a good fit for your as a student-athlete? 

Answer: D3 has been a great fit for me because it is the perfect balance of school and athletics. The smaller class sizes and student body population has made accessing professors accessible and encouraged and allowed me to make meaningful friendships with people aside from my teammates. Calvin does a great job of helping their student-athletes be successful on and off the field. I always have time to do what I need to do to stay successful in the classroom, while competing to win our conference.