Venema Aquatic Center

Calvin's Venema Aquatic Center

Home to the Knights swim and dive teams the Venema Aquatic Center is a 50-meter pool with a moveable bulkhead. The bulkhead allows for multiple configurations: water polo, competitive 25 meter or 25 yard, youth swimming instruction, long course – 50 meter.  A soft-water diving system allows a 50/50 air-water mix for softer and safer landings in diving practice from either of the 1-meter or 3-meter diving boards. For instruction there is a “wet” classroom for easy movement to and from the pool and classroom. The Venema Aquatic Center seats roughly 500 spectators.

Open Hours | Location on Calvin University's map.

Olympic-sized, 50-meter pool with moveable bulkheads accommodates multiple events at the same time

  • Pool accommodates 22 lanes at 25 yards each for laps or racing
  • Pool has 850,000 gallon capacity
  • High-tech pool filtration system
  • Spectator seating capacity is 500
  • Pool is 15 feet at diving end, four feet deep in the middle for swimming lessons and instruction and seven feet deep at the starting blocks
  • Pool has four diving boards: two at one meter and two at three meter