Hoogenboom Health & Recreation Center

One of two dance studios at Calvin College

The Hoogenboom Health and Recreation Center has the focus of core activity classes during the day and has a vibrant night life with intramural activities. It is a multipurpose venue used for a variety of events. It also houses the 6,000 square-foot Health Center, the Human Performance Lab, two dance studios, racquetball court, classrooms, conference rooms and locker rooms.

Quick facts

  • Can be set for 3 volleyball, 2 basketball or 8 badminton courts
  • Has over 700 students involved in intramural sports from basketball to wiffle ball
  • The HRC is usually open for recreational and intramural activities starting at 3:30 p.m. everyday
  • The dance studio and dance loft are the main location for the rehearsals of the Dance Guild and Rangeela - student groups with over 500 students

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